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Our Team of Professionals Care


SERVPRO of Bellingham works hard for our customers in the most difficult times.

A fire in the home or office can be devastating, but we are ready and willing to do the work. Following the inspection various work crew are enabled. The pack out crew must be onsite to address the continents. This is also the time that claims lists are created for items that are damaged beyond repair and cleaning. Most fires also have water data get fro. The firefighters extinguishing the flames. Often times a fire extinguisher was used and ...... needs to cleaned. Demolition is also a part of a fire dames, so asbestos and lead paint samples must en procured before materials are disturbed. 

Once the pack out brew has completed its task the contents of the hoe or business must be delivered to our Contents Cleaning Shop.

Structure, contents and caring.   

Personal Protection Equipment saves lives and makes sense


Because We Care!

SERVPRO of Bellingham is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our crews work in difficult conditions on a regular basis, but as the virus has spread around the globe our Technicians have been tasked with upping the safety ante. 

Working have donned full PPE or Personal Protection Equipment in an effort to keep our clients safe and healthy while also assuring our crew the opportunity to go home to their families at the end of a long shift.

We take great pride in providing essential services during this time and want our clients to rest assured that the correct COVID-19 protocols are followed. 

We Work Hard for You!

The idea of a dirty job is something SERVPRO of Bellingham can really talk about. We see all sorts of messes and we cleanup after the most traumatic experiences. Our goal is always to get your life back to normal whether it's cleaning up in an attic, deodorizing a structure or pulling out wet insulation in a crawlspace. 

Community Minded

SERVPRO of Bellingham supports many non-profits, benefits and organizations throughout our community. We volunteer, fund raise, donate and participate. When you see our GREEN trucks driving around town know that we are working hard in your community. 

Injection Drying

One of the best and least invasive techniques we utilize during the drying process is injection drying. We blow warm dry air into building cavities through hoses. This greatly reduces the amount of demolition needed and time required to dry a structure.

Personal Protective Equipment

Our crew members are IICRC trained and we have regular safety meetings to address current job site conditions. IICRC is the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification and it sets all of the regulations we follow. Safety First.