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Do Not Let Bellingham Water Damage Destroy Your Home

3/21/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO poster extraction wand on carpet SERVPRO extracts water and mitigates damage to your Bellingham home with our fast response; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Provides Fast Water Damage Cleanup

Water is an essential component of our lives. When it does not stay contained in the piping of the plumbing system or infiltrates your home through instances like flooding, you can see its destructive and hazardous properties as well. After leaks and other water emergencies, it is important to have a restoration team willing to act quickly to help. Disasters do not wait for convenient times to strike, so our rapid response team stays accessible and ready to mobilize 24 hours a day.

Bellingham water damage occurs in several ways, making no two situations similar. In contrast, our SERVPRO Green Fleet that stays stocked with extraction and drying tools carries the needed instruments to help the site's positioning and frequency of required products and equipment changes after these disasters.

Getting Mitigation Started Fast

Did you know?

Mitigation is a critical component of every restoration project. It is the earliest action to protect a home and its contents from permanent damage.

Completing mitigating steps requires experienced professionals of our SERVPRO team to reach the property shortly after the first notice of loss. While many possible emergency services can help a structure after disasters, some of the most common focal points of our technicians upon entering a water-damaged home include:

  • Extraction
  • Discarding materials
  • Demolition
  • Emergency repairs
  • Content management

Thorough Drying Solutions for Your Home

Drying is a necessary element of every restoration project. Water and moisture must be removed using a combination of drying tools and products, beginning with high-velocity blower units placed in the work area to address surface moisture concerns. Usual drying tools include:

  • Air Movers - High-velocity air mover units are the foundation of fast and continual drying. Blasting surfaces with warm air promotes steady evaporation on surfaces with water damage.
  • Dehumidifiers - Using air movers increases the moisture grains in the air, which must be removed to an acceptable level that does not promote secondary effects like structural deterioration or microbial development. We have dehumidification units that trap and collect this water to improve environmental conditions.
  • Portable Heaters - Heaters manipulate the temperature of the drying space, helping evaporation to happen more quickly, environments to hold more water in the air, and chemical processes to occur with less contact time.

Knowing the House is Dry

Peace of mind is earned, and we can show you why we are a team worth trusting when drying and restoring water damage in your home. With dozens or even hundreds of drying tools used simultaneously to help your property return to preloss condition, continual monitoring is needed to evaluate the progress of these instruments. SERVPRO technicians can reconfigure them to provide even more efficient production. We have several moisture monitors and sensors to help collect data as required.

Relying on Our SERVPRO Experience

We are not the only Bellingham restoration company, but we provide a level of preparedness that has allowed us to become a preferred vendor for insurance work and disaster relief. We are accredited through firms like the IICRC in areas like:

  • WRT- Water Restoration
  • ASD – Structural Drying
  • OCT – Odor Control
  • CDS – Commercial Drying

Bellingham water damage is one of the more common callouts for our professionals, making it a situation that technicians on our roster must stay ready to face. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, starting with emergency preparedness at all levels. Give our SERVPRO of Whatcom County team a call at (360) 733-1800.

Understanding Bellingham Fire Damage Restoration Phases

3/21/2023 (Permalink)

technician showing a homeowner fire damage on the wall Bellingham property owners rely upon SERVPRO for fire damage cleanup and restoration. "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Protects Homes After Fire Damage

Fires are an unfortunate reality for many homes every year. With the thousands living in the Greater Bellingham area and a high number of commercial properties and businesses, a single fire incident could be costly and devastating. We understand how vital loss mitigation is for these emergencies, so our SERVPRO team reaches properties as soon as possible for efforts like:

  • Inventory Services
  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Content Care
  • Water Removal
  • Bulk Material Removal

Bellingham fire damage occurs from many possible triggers. From accidents around the stovetop to an overloaded outlet, fires can spark quickly and move beyond the ignition point at a rapid pace. Our professionals appreciate the urgency of restoration, so we keep skilled technicians ready to mobilize 24/7 when disasters strike.

Thorough Inspections for Detailed Estimation

Many parties are privy to the details of a fire damage restoration project. The customer, the restoration provider, and the insurance company involved all have a similar stake in understanding the condition of the house and the expected plan to restore and recover the residence. Our production manager conducts a thorough walk-through of the property early to document damage, catalog content loss, and formulate a detailed restoration plan and estimation.

On and Off-Site Content Cleaning

Managing the contents impacted by fire losses is another essential part of SERVPRO's restoration response. While we strive to protect or clean items on-site for a customer's peace of mind, off-site cleaning and storage are sometimes necessary. At our SERVPRO facility, we can provide more intricate cleaning and restoration like:

  • Submersion tank for cleaning hard-surfaced contents
  • Soft material wash station
  • Ozone chamber for deodorizing multiple items
  • Drying approaches

Soot Removal Solutions

Removing soot is one of the more complex areas of fire damage restoration our SERVPRO team performs. Inadequate measures can see soot permanently mar surfaces underneath the soil deposits. The corrosivity of acidic soot and its ability to stain porous surfaces requires fast action with surface cleaning, media blasting, or controlled demolition.

Different Smoke Damage Threats for Homes

Smoke damage is not all the same because the combusted materials and environmental conditions between disasters change considerably. Common smoke damage types include:

  • Wet Smoke – Thick and moist residues on horizontal surfaces typically require solvents to dissolve to prevent smearing and staining.
  • Dry Smoke – A product of high heat fires characterized by chalky, thin smoke residues.
  • Protein Residues – Formidable, thick deposit of grease and oily residue deposited by range top fires.

Cleaning Commercial Large Loss Situations

Bellingham is home to many businesses and commercial properties, making our experience in Large Loss recovery significant for fire damage restoration. We have industrial-grade equipment sizable enough for massive production facilities like warehouses and call centers to the right tools that manage fire losses in multi-story structures and historic properties in the county.

Build-Back Services After a Fire

Few structure fires that impact homes and businesses in our area do not require some reconstruction or repairs. With a general contractor license, we can keep this work in-house and limit the time that the full spectrum of restoration and recovery services takes. Our experience with this next group of actions after fire loss restoration saves customers time and money on pursuing a subcontractor to complete the job on a new schedule.

Bellingham fire damage presents several layers of threat to a home or business. Even with the experience of our SERVPRO of Whatcom County team, not starting restoration right away can have costly and disastrous results for the property. We are ready to mobilize when emergencies occur. Call now at (360) 733-1800.

Needed Approaches and Solutions for Bellingham Mold Damage

3/21/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO mold poster - What to know about mold caption SERVPRO knows all about mold. Call us to remediate your Bellingham home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Has Many Mold Remediation Techniques

Effective mold and microbial cleanup and restoration is an intricate process that begins as soon as homeowners suspect colonization. Even without physical signs of an infestation, many property owners have been able to speculate about microbial development with effects like musty odors or persistent moisture in specific areas of the residence. Our SERVPRO team works quickly to help mitigate loss from spores and colonies.

Early Structure Inspections

Our SERVPRO remediation team works to understand the scope of the work necessary and the severity of the infestation to the house after Bellingham mold damage by inspecting. We have talented administrators capable of walking through a household with the homeowners to show the likely restoration processes to come, document damage, and evaluate the condition of structural elements directly exposed to mold growth or moisture.

How Does Mold Damage Remediation Begin?

There are no set ways for mold remediation and recovery to occur. In most situations, there is a combination of cleaning and removal efforts based on varying levels of infestation across materials:

  • Cleaning Surfaces - Several sporicidal agents are available to our SERVPRO team to overcome surface mold threats. In most cases, mold spores and microbes are eliminated on contact or within minutes of exposure.
  • Effective Mechanical Actions - Surface treatments alone are not always enough to be successful, and mechanical action must accompany the sporicidal products. Vacuums, brushes, steel wool, sanding, and other aggressive cleaning approaches can amplify the effectiveness of antimicrobial solutions.
  • Blasting Options - Media blasting combines various abrasive products like baking soda, dry ice, or crushed walnut shells with pressurized air or water to eradicate mold on the surface of irregular materials. Water is not typically used as this could further promote mold growth.
  • Removing Damaged Materials - Removing impacted materials can be a last resort for our IICRC-certified SERVPRO professionals when other ineffective remediation approaches. The process removes overly damaged building materials entirely, preventing their further negative influence on the damaged areas.

Can Mold Damage Dissipate on Its Own?

Many mistakenly believe that ignoring mold growth in the house is the best action. In most cases, microbial threats do not improve with time, allowing these conditions to worsen the more that action is not taken to overcome colonization. Understanding that conditions can continue to decline should inspire homeowners to pursue experienced remediation professionals like our SERVPRO team to help.

Clearing Strong Malodors from the Property

Residential mold growth can be challenging, but lingering effects like the harsh malodors these organisms produce can be even more formidable. Offensive odors remain even after much of the mold colonies have been removed and require separate focused actions to overcome and neutralize. Counteractant products can reduce the severity of these smells, but vapor fogging impacts musty malodors.

Will Mold Damage Repairs Be Needed?

Because mold uses organic matter as a food source, hosting materials and structural elements can routinely get destroyed by an aggressive organism. After cleaning up the bulk materials and eliminating lingering portions of the property too weakened to preserve, build-back services are necessary. Our SERVPRO professionals have a general contractor license showing our experience in this area. We begin needed repairs when remediation nears its completion.

Bellingham mold damage occurs frequently. There are homes in the area contending with microbial damage right now that could benefit from the focused mold removal tactics we provide. Give our SERVPRO of Whatcom County remediators a call today to mitigate loss and repair your home after mold exposure. We are ready 24/7 at (360) 733-1800.

Water Damage Repair Can Save the Ceilings in Your Bellingham Home

3/20/2023 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling from blue drain line Don't get trapped with large water damage repair bills for your Bellingham home. Call SERVPRO; we make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage Repair Drains Leaked & Trapped Water

Owning a two-story home provides families in Bellingham with about twice the living space of the ground floor's footprint. The extra story has both benefits and drawbacks. The movement of unwanted water --leaks--through the floor and ceiling can destroy those structures. Destruction such as this requires timely water damage repair services from a qualified company.

SERVPRO provides property owners in Bellingham with water damage repair services that match the specific situation of the customer's home or business. Ceilings containing water that escaped the plumbing can bulge visibly downward.

Here, we explain several reasons why property owners should call SERVPRO as soon as they notice signs of trapped water inside a ceiling or a leak arising in an upper level of their property: 

  • Increased electrical hazards, 
  • Possibility of collapse, and 
  • Repairs are possible for a short period. 

Many ceilings contain wiring to power overhead lighting. Water that collects in the space between the upper level's floor and the lower level's ceiling can cause shorts in the electrical system and corrode electrical system components in adjacent areas. We can fix such extenuating situations immediately after we repair the underlying cause.

Water damages ceilings in two ways – softening the drywall while the water's weight causes it to take the form of a large bowl. This new shape can cause the drywall around the center portion to separate from the screws used to secure it to the beams. Entire sections of your ceiling can fall onto the floor.

Before any ceiling sections detach and fall onto the floor, SERVPRO's technicians can repair everything. We do this by starting at the perimeter toward the center. If we do this soon enough, we can save the ceiling and reduce associated costs.

SERVPRO of Whatcom County at (360) 733-1800 is always ready to assist with repairs, restoration, and other protective measures that your property might require. 

Fire Restoration Procedures in Bellingham

2/19/2023 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering the walls and counters Make sure to take precautions with heaters and in case of a fire, contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services. Our technicians are standing by.

SERVPRO Offers Fire Mitigation Services in the Bellingham Area

During the winter, when the weather is cold, we all rely on appliances in our homes to keep us warm. When temperatures are low, people tend to rely more on their furnaces and water heaters to cook and take hot showers and baths. With these appliances working in high gear over the winter months, the risk of a malfunction gets higher.

Although rare, malfunctioning water heaters or furnaces could force you to conduct fire restoration in Bellingham on your property. Since these appliances are stored in tight places like crawl spaces or attics, the outcome could be disastrous if flames ignite. Even if the fire does not spread far in your structure or you get it out quickly, the smoke released during the blaze could spread throughout your entire house and cause issues like soot residues or burnt aromas. And in some cases, when water got used to extinguish the fire, water and fire damage could exist together.

Once our SERVPRO technicians go through your building and ensure it is safe for all occupants, we can inspect for damage. We can start at the source and determine if burnt building materials must be removed and replaced or if we can save them through mitigation procedures. We can then conduct wipe tests on the surfaces of your walls and ceilings to see if soot residues exist. During the wipe test, we can also determine the best chemicals and methods to remove the soot.

Steps we can take to return your home to its preloss state:

  • Content pack-ins and pack-outs
  • Content cleaning
  • Remove soot from affected building materials
  • Set up the ultra-low volume (ULV) or thermal foggers
  • Set up an ozone generator

If you ever notice that your furnace has caused flames to ignite in your attic or crawlspace, call SERVPRO of Whatcom County at (360) 733-1800.

SERVPRO Offers Premier Mold Damage Remediation in Bellingham

1/22/2023 (Permalink)

mold growing on the wall around an outlet Don’t delay when you see or smell the tell-tale signs of mold. Contact SERVPRO for effective mold damage remediation services.

Mold Damage Repair in Bellingham Homes Needs Professionals like SERVPRO

Ignoring the early signs of mold damage in your Bellingham can lead to the situation quickly getting out of hand. If the mold finds conducive conditions, the contamination can spread quickly and cause structural damage to building materials. You need professional mold specialists to control the situation and get the damage under control. 

SERVPRO uses industry-leading, proven methods to restore mold damage to your Bellingham home. Our techs understand that it is crucial to prevent the spread of airborne mold spores to uncontaminated parts of the structure for an effective remediation process. Hence, we use strong containment systems as recommended in the IICRC S520 guidelines. 

Containments and Their Use During Mold Removal

Spores are loosely held on top of the mold hyphae and can become airborne with the slightest of disturbances. Removing mold growth without proper precautions can generate millions of airborne spore particles that air currents can carry to other parts of the structure.  

SERVPRO mold specialists use containment made from a high gauge 6-mil plastic system to prevent the spread of airborne spores to unaffected areas of the structure. 

The IICRC S520 guidelines recommend three types of containment:

    • Source containment is done when the visible mold growth is confined to a small area. SERVPRO techs use tape and 6-mil polyethylene sheeting to cover the visible mold growth before removing it. 
    • Local containment: It is done with a moderate level of mold growth present. SERVPRO techs create a structural enclosure with 6-mil polyethylene sheeting, PVC pipes, and spring-loaded expansion poles. 
  • Full-scale containment: If contamination is too much to be controlled by source or local containment, SERVPRO techs must seal off a room or an entire building section. 

Call SERVPRO of Whatcom County at (360) 733-1800. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Bellingham Office Carpeting Requires Fast Water Mitigation

12/20/2022 (Permalink)

Water raining on laptop SERVPRO commercial water damage restoration services are top-notch. Call for the help your business needs.

Direct Water Mitigation Can Save Carpeting

The mitigation process begins as soon as our SERVPRO professionals arrive at damaged office buildings and commercial properties. Our Large Loss team works to regulate unsafe conditions and do whatever possible to contain the damage and reduce needed tear-out and reconstruction.

Evaluating the Extent of the Damage

A thorough inspection of the property can help to determine needed water mitigation for Bellingham office buildings. The first step will always be to work to eliminate any standing water and do what could be required to prevent unsafe conditions for the staff. We look at the following:

  • Sagging materials
  • Structural deterioration
  • The severity of standing water
  • Mold development

Clearing Contents and Obstructions 

Contents and furniture like desks often are a hindrance to the cleaning and drying of carpeting. We must assess where these items can go and what attention they might need from water exposure simultaneously. Often, SERVPRO professionals will establish a staging area to catalog the condition of contents and safely keep them from harm while mitigation continues. 

Potentially Cleaning Carpeting

Assessing the condition of the carpet could show that cleaning is possible. Hot water extraction is one of the proven methods for short pile carpeting, as this blasts hot water to the base of the fibers and rapidly extracts it back into the machine, dislodging debris and dirt in the process. 

Drying the Carpets

If SERVPRO can successfully clean carpets, you will need to take steps to ensure the installation is dry. Prolonged moisture not addressed within 48 hours can lead to mold and mildew development. The easiest option is to partially pull up the carpeting at two of its ends and position low-profile, centrifugal air movers between the carpet and concrete subflooring to infuse warm air into the wet materials.

It does not take much for short pile carpeting common to office buildings to become overwhelmed by standing water. Our SERVPRO of Whatcom County professionals work fast to mitigate loss and protect installed elements however possible. When disasters strike, call us at (360) 733-1800. 

Storm Water Damage Restoration in Bellingham Attics

11/15/2022 (Permalink)

Water Dripping from Ceiling Afraid your wood floors have been damaged by a Storm? No need to stress it, Let SERVPRO fix it.

Attic Storm Water Damage Restoration Needs

Storms and their respective damages to a house can be devastating, especially when structural breaches allow for water penetration into the attic. Roofs are particularly susceptible to several conditions that could ultimately lead to a flooded attic space, including:  

  • Hail damage
  • Fallen trees
  • Ice dams
  • Wind damage 
  • Driving rain

Quick Roof Repairs 

When beginning storm water damage restoration in Bellingham attics, it is important first to locate where the water penetrates this space. Often vulnerabilities in the roof can allow moisture seepage or direct runoff into this upper region of your household. Temporary roof repairs like tarping or board-up services allow drying and restoration to begin in the attic without waiting for the full repair and reconstruction of a damaged roof to be complete. 

Clearing Water in Confined Spaces

The attic is a confined space, meaning that when it comes to removing water and even drying this portion of the property, the available tools from our inventory are limited by size and functionality. Wet vacuums are often a preferred extraction tool for their light weight and versatility with attachments and extensions. 

What Can Be Salvaged?

There is no mistaking the truth that many homeowners use the attic as a catch-all for seasonal items and possessions to get stored when they do not have a home in the main living areas. These contents can be at risk when stormwater gets introduced to this portion of the house. Part of our effective restoration and recovery plan is to evaluate the condition of stored items to determine what is salvageable and can be cleaned or dried

Providing storm water damage restoration for Bellingham homes and businesses can help in the greatest times of need. Our quick arrival ensures that areas like the attic do not require greater reconstruction. Give our SERVPRO of Whatcom County team a call at (360) 733-1800. 

Water Mitigation in Ferndale Prevents Property Deterioration

9/20/2022 (Permalink)

lighniing strikes on body of water Let SERVPRO provide safe water damage mitigation to your Ferndale property.

SERVPRO Minimize the Losses from Ferndale Water Damage

Maintaining your Ferndale home is one of the best ways to prevent water damage. Regularly check your plumbing and heating pipes and inspect appliance hoses and faucets. However, you may not always foresee such disasters; hence when this happens, you need to act quickly to protect your home and its contents from incurring further damages.

Water mitigation in Ferndale homes is essential because many materials, such as drywall, wood, insulation, and all types of furnishings, are porous. This, therefore, makes it possible for water damage to continue to worsen if no rapid measures are taken. SERVPRO has the right equipment and training to remove excess moisture and thoroughly dry your home's furnishings and structural elements.

Other immediate actions include

  • Standing upholstered cushions on end so both sides can begin to dry
  • Removing area rugs and other temporary floor coverings
  • Moving wet items to a dry, well-ventilated area
  • Identifying electrical hazards and avoiding them

Entering a room with standing water while the electricity is still on is hazardous, and ceilings sagging from a water intrusion on the upper floor could collapse. SERVPRO offers rapid repairs to prevent secondary damages.

Some tools that facilitate the process

Tools such as moisture meters help the SERVPRO crew measure moisture levels and choose appropriate equipment to dry the property. High-speed fans are efficient in evaporating any leftover moisture and restoring the correct humidity levels in your home so that floors, walls, and furnishings do not rot, swell, or warp. Our crews set up and leave the drying equipment onsite until another temperature, humidity, and moisture testing round confirms that the affected areas have been fully dried and restored to preloss conditions.

Some equipment that facilitates rapid and efficient drying

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air scrubbers
  • Air movers

SERVPRO of Whatcom County properly and safely remediate and restores the damages from water. For water mitigation that you can count on, call us at (360) 733-1800. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Effective Fire Restoration at a Bellingham Property

9/20/2022 (Permalink)

smoke rising, blackish background Don't let imagined smoke odors upset your Bellingham household. Call SERVPRO for fire damage cleanup and odor removal--for real!

Bellingham Fire Damage Cleanup with SERVPRO

If any section of your Bellingham home catches fire, you face the daunting task of fire damage restoration. A lot is involved in restoring your property, including covering costs and taking steps to prevent further deterioration. Delays usually lead to severe damage, such as material deterioration from the effects of soot exposure.

Fire restoration companies in Bellingham specialize in helping people recover swiftly from such loss. It might be hard to think quickly and make the right moves when stressed by the damage or potential loss of your property. SERVPRO helps by offering a range of professional remedial services.

Some steps professionals take after a fire loss

  • Securing your home
  • Assessing the loss
  • Wiping smoke and soot from structural surfaces
  • Cleaning salvageable items

Flames are the main culprit for most of the damage to your home during a fire. However, smoke, soot, and water share in the responsibility too. Water helps put out house fires, but it can result in water damage which should be prevented. Exhaustive drying helps prevent mold from taking over. SERVPRO adheres to IICRC guidelines in the cleanup process, ensuring your home stays mold free.

Cleaning up and removing smoke odor

Odors from smoke and soot settle quickly into materials and surfaces, causing long-term deterioration. SERVPRO assesses to take appropriate restoration measures. We thoroughly inspect and replace the structural framing materials and components throughout the home if any charring or warping has occurred. To salvage the structural elements, we treat them with deodorizers to remove any smoke odor. Complete drying may be necessary before sealing and covering with new drywall and paneling.

Useful deodorization approaches

  • Neutralization with ozone
  • Air filtration
  • Spraying deodorizers

SERVPRO of Whatcom County helps limit damages and salvage your home through elaborate fire restoration. You can reach us at (360) 733-1800. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.