Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Electrical Fire in Bellingham, Washington.

SERVPRO of Bellingham is an industry leader in water and fire clean up and restoration. Our crews are versed in all aspects of restoration and clean up.

When we receive a call for a fire damaged home or business many resources are immediately shifted into motion to address this massive under taking.

Teams of professional packers, cleaners, and construction personnel are at the ready when needed. 

Fires are one the most life altering events a family or business can over come and with the assistance and knowledge provided by SERVPRO of Bellingham we make it "Like it never even happened."

Residential Home Fire in Ferndale, WA

SERVPRO of Bellingham is ready and willing to help families get there lives back to normal after a fire. We arrive on the scene after the red trucks and get straight to work. Safety, timing and understanding are vital parts of the fire equation. SERVPRO of Bellingham Fire & Water Cleanup & Restoration.

SERVPRO of Bellingham is here to help with the ESPORTA Wash System

When fire damages a home and everything in it SERVPRO of Bellingham is ready to help. We can clean and deodorize the structure and so much more.

The ESPORTA Wash System enables SERVPRO of Bellingham to clean, deodorize and sanitize soft contents that includes clothing, stuffed animals, pillows, shoes, boots, sporting equipment and so much more. 

Utilizing the power of hydraulic pressure to restore personal items to a like new quality. 

Fire Damaged Home

A fire in your home or place of business can be life altering. SERVPRO of Bellingham is aware of this and will work hard to clean, deodorize and sanitize to return your life to normal.  

Home Fire

SERVPRO of Bellingham goes out of it's way to make it "Like it never even happened." The nails can be easily seen due to the fire damage. 

Fire Damage in Ferndale, WA

This fire in Ferndale, Wa was almost a total loss, but with hard work and fortitude SERVPRO of Bellingham was able to salvage some prized possessions for our clients. 

Fire in Bellingham, WA

There is no such thing as a small fire. The heat and soot that a fire produces affects everything around it. Fires are extremely dangerous and scary. 


Cleaning up after a fire can be overwhelming. That's where SERVPRO of Bellingham saves the day. We clean it all. We were able to return most of the contents to this home. 

Basement Fire in Oak Harbor

The scene of a house fire is always a scary situation, but everyone was safe in Oak Harbor. Our team removed belongings to be cleaned later at our contents shop and got to work on cleaning the structure.