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Flooded Basement in Historical Downtown Bellingham, Washington.

Contributing factors included rain, sewer, mechanical failures and time when this enormous water loss was called into SERVPRO of Bellingham. The flooded basemen... READ MORE

Water supply line failure behind fridge in Bellingham, Washington.

This flooded kitchen in Bellingham Washington was caused a a water supply line that failed. A broken pipe or supply line that brings water to the refrigerator t... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Waterfornt Condo in Bellingham Washington

Why SERVPRO?SERVPRO of Bellingham shines in many areas of fire and water restoration. Two such areas are our ability to work with many insurances companies simu... READ MORE

Second Story Water Damage Ruined the Kitchen

This plumbing failure occurred in the second story bathroom, but the brunt of the damage happened on the first floor where the kitchen was located. The ceiling ... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes in Blaine Washington

Freezing temperatures and a cutting wind from the north east caused many pipes to freeze and burst this past winter. One such instance took place in a customers... READ MORE

Frozen Hose Bib in Ferndale Washington

Most of our storm situations are due to torrential downpours, an elevated water table and high winds, but every few years we get sustained freezing temperature.... READ MORE

Sprinkler Failure Caused Massive Damage

Hidden in the attic of the fourth floor a sprinkler system had failed. Gallons and gallons of water rushed through the pressurized system cascading down into th... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Bellingham, Washington

Why SERVPRO? Because we can clean everything. Structure and Contents. Fire erupted in the garage quickly escaping the enclosed space through air ducts, the att... READ MORE

The Fire Burned Fast and Hot in Bellingham Washington

An electrical fire in Bellingham Washington sparked in the living room outlet near the dining room and quickly started making it's way up the wall. Thankfully f... READ MORE

Water Damage in Lynden, WA

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most common rooms in a home for water damage. The obvious reason for this is the fact that water pipes are in the walls... READ MORE