Water Damage Photo Gallery

Huge Water Damage in Ferndale Washington

Frozen Pipes lead to this massive Water Damage in Ferndale, Washington. A supply line that fed the upstairs bathroom passed through the garage ceiling for 1 linear foot that was not insulated and in that space froze solid. The resulting damage could have easily been a avoided had the area been insulated. SERVPRO of Bellingham was able to help the homeowner deal with the plumber, HVAC contractor and insurance company to get the home dried to industry standard. Our office staff always stays ahead of the game in communication and understands insurance companies and their adjusters. Like it never even happened.

SERVPRO Containment after a Water Damage in Bellingham Washington

The simple joys of indoor plumbing can quickly sour when a mechanical failure occurs. A loose fitting or faulting valve means that a water damage in your home or place of business isn't far away.

SERVPRO of Bellingham understands the hardship our clients deal with during demolition and the drying process. This is why we go to great lengths to keep the mess, noise and heat to a minimum for the rest for the structure. 

Containment of the affected area is a key to reducing the impact of dust, debris and the repercussions of our services. Clean working conditions and minimal impacts on the home is a goal for all the customers we assist. 

Tools of the Trade

Water Damage can be difficult to detect. Thankfully SERVPRO of Bellingham is equipped with the latest and greatest in Thermal Imaging. Our ability to diagnose an issue before demolition helps us keep costs down and thwart potential microbial growth.  

A Warning Sign

Condensation on the inside of windows can mean a number of things, but in our business it means that you have too much moisture in your home. This home in Blaine, WA had a leaky pipe that caused a lot of damage.

Commercial Water Damage

The Roover does an amazing job extracting water from carpet. It's also kind of fun to operate. Just stand on top and pull water out of carpets. Can you see the water line?

Professional Drying in Bellingham

We were able to set up drying in a high traffic residential setting. We tackled this third story fire and resulting water damage in beautiful downtown Bellingham, WA on a Sunday afternoon.